If things go wrong

If things go wrong

What to do

Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but if they do our field based coordinator will aim to resolve your query for you.

If you feel you problem still hasn’t been dealt with properly we’ll make sure we escalate it for you.

Here’s the escalation process that we ask you, the developer, to follow:                        

Level 1

Field based coordinator

Nominated at the site registration phase please refer back to your registration paperwork to find their name if you don’t know who they are.

Level 2

New sites escalation team

If your field based coordinator doesn’t respond, or you aren't satisfied with the response, please complete this form. We’ll send your confirmation of your enquiry and a case reference number.

Level 3

Andrew Neilson – Developer relations

If you don’t get a response, or aren't satisfied with the response from the new sites escalation team please email Andrew Neilson at aneilson@openreach.co.uk and include the case reference number (which is quoted on your receipt email from your Level 2 escalation) in your email subject line.

It’s important to follow the escalation processes above so we have the information we need to provide a speedy resolution to your issue.

This process is only for the use of developers. If your customer is having difficulty getting their broadband or fibre connection they should contact their service provider.

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