Site registration

Site registration

We want to work with you from the earliest possible stage of your new development

You’ll need to register your site at least nine months before the date that you want Openreach to provide service to the first new property.

This must be at least eight weeks before you actually start on site, as this will give us time to get your proposals drawn up and agreed with you before you start building.

The type of site you are registering…

First of all what’s a residential property? This is an individually Council Addressed property paying full residency council tax so typically not caravans or holiday parks etc. (if you want to know how to get service for those types of premises then contact us on 0800 783 2023 Option 1 followed by Option 1.

Residential properties - More than 30 plots

These sites will be served by Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and we’ll build the full fibre infrastructure free of charge.

Register your site and then you will be sent an agreement*, sign this and return it to us and we’ll arrange for proposals to be drawn up for your site.

*If your company has signed a framework agreement with Openreach then there’s no need to sign anything else as we’ll arrange for your proposals will be produced straightway. If you are interested in signing a framework agreement please let us know via

Residential properties – 2 to 29 plots

Though Openreach doesn’t build FTTP technology free of charge for sites with 2-29 plots* you will be able to contribute towards the cost of building the FTTP infrastructure to your site so your new homeowners can have access to the fastest broadband speeds in the UK via a full fibre solution to the new properties –  see the indicative costs.

*Unless we determine during the registration process that FTTP can be provided for a lower cost than copper/FTTC

See what the benefits of FTTP are both to you and your new home owners

Register your site and you will be given the costs for FTTP, the details of the available network for your site and the anticipated Broadband speeds you’ll receive if served by the alternative technology. Sign the agreement you wish to enter into and return it to us and then we’ll arrange for proposals to be drawn up for your site.

The rebate is a separate payment made by Openreach to the developer for sites larger than 11 plots to pay for the physical build of on-site duct and chamber infrastructure and is only paid upon completion and is subject to quality standards being met.

Read more detail on Rebate payments

Residential properties - single plot

There are two options if you are building just a single property:

If you’re the homeowner, or the developer and know who’ll move into the property, and you want service to be provided right away

If you require a copper connection please contact your chosen communications provider and explain that you’re building a new single plot home and place an order with them.  They will then arrange for an Openreach survey officer to visit site to agree how and when service is able to be provided. Please note that there may be a charge for this.

If you would like a full fibre connection first check whether Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is available in your area using our where and when checker. If it is, then contact your chosen communications provider to enquire whether they can provide you with FTTP on Demand (FOD) – visit the buy it now page to find out more detail.

If you don’t know who will move into the property but you want Openreach to proactively provide infrastructure

You can request the network to be provided in advance so the house connection is ready for service when people move in, there is a charge for this.

This will only provide a copper connection, though please use our where and when checker to see if FTTC is available. 

If you wish to proceed then complete the registration form for a ‘new site that will be built in one phase’. We’ll contact you to arrange a survey (which is chargeable) and once that’s completed we can tell you what it would cost to build the infrastructure to your property.


You need to choose one of these options because Openreach doesn’t connect infrastructure to a new build single plot without either, an order being raised via a communications provider or you as the developer agreeing for a chargeable network in advance solution.


Commercial sites

What’s a commercial property?  Basically any property that is used for business activities and individually council addressed and paying business rates. Note that any premise that is unmanned or not habitable as defined by local councils are classed as a non-served premise and therefore not included in any offer.

For commercial only sites Openreach will deliver FTTP infrastructure, subject to availability and a site survey.

Openreach is committed to building the full fibre network for the future across Britain, and to support this we will contribute £1,000 per commercial plot towards the cost of the build. If the costs to provide FTTP on the site exceed £1,000 per commercial plot, the property developer will need to make a co-funding contribution for the remainder of the build cost.

If you choose to have a Copper infrastructure then please note that this will be chargeable and Openreach will not make any contribution to the cost of the build.

Sites will be evaluated once they have been registered and you then will be advised of the costs.

Just complete the registration form and we’ll contact you as to what is available and the costs (if any). Then sign and complete the agreement and if appropriate the billing details and we’ll arrange for the proposals to be drawn up for your site.  

The information you need before registering includes

Dates - your site start and required service dates

Location – site address and ordnance survey grid references

What is being built  number of plots and their type (house or flat), and if it’s part of a larger development or you have several phases, let us know so that we can build from the start, the capacity we need for your site

Contact details – which company is building the new properties, on site contacts and who to contact if we have a question

Plans - It’s important to give us simple plans without unnecessary detail – we don’t need the architectural view of the site such as landscaping details. PDFs with removable layers are preferable.

Please ensure you include:

·        a location plan

·        a site plan at a minimum scale of 1:500.  All plots should be clearly numbered. The site plan should have at least one existing structure.

·        a schematic or schedule of accommodation for flats/apartments which shows us how many plots per floor and where applicable their location/connection to a riser if there are multiple cores.  The plot numbers in the schematic/schedule should match those in the site plan.


We’ve put together a few examples of what good documentation looks like:

•    site plan
•    site plan with plot numbers
•    flat floor plan with numbers
•    site plan for a business unit
•    site plan for business unit plots.  


Let’s register your site

For sites in England, Scotland & Wales – register here

For sites in Northern Ireland - register here

Please complete as much information as possible, to help us process your request as quickly as possible.

Once you have registered – don’t forget to sign the relevant technology new sites agreement

Once you have completed the form with all the relevant information, our teams will assess your application.

You will then be sent a technology offer with a new sites agreement i.e. the contract and wayleave for your site, which you must sign and return to us* so that we can then send your application to our planning teams to plan and prepare your on-site proposals. *unless you are on a framework agreement.

If this agreement is NOT returned then your application will not be progressed.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the new homeowner to order the service from their chosen communications providers for when they move in.

Customer service for registration

If you’ve registered your site and want to talk to someone about your new development, call our team on 0800 783 2023.

For Northern Ireland please call 0800 085 7546 or email to new sites btni team

Already have an Openreach network?

If you would like to apply for service to your new development or have any questions relating to an order, please contact your chosen service provider.

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