Site registration

Site registration

How to register your site

Register your site (registration form)

When do you need register?

You’ll need to register your site at least nine months before the date that you want Openreach to provide service to the first new property, or if you’re installing a lift, at least nine months before the lift commissioning date. This must be at least eight weeks before you actually start on the site construction..

Please note: if you don't register within this timeline it could compromise our ability to provide service prior to your homeowners moving in.

For many sites we’ll recommend Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology and nine months is the lead time required to build it.

FTTP is the infrastructure that will be provided free of charge for those developments of 30 or more plots.

For sites for 2- 29 plots then we will review the available technology in the area, if FTTC infrastructure is not available free of charge then developers can choose to make a contribution to receive this technology and an offer will be issued at registration - more details can be found within our Forum Resources pages on the rate card that we use to calculate how much will be needed per plot (secure log in required).

If you develop over 4000 properties a year we would like to offer you the services of an Openreach account manager so that we can work better together and provide you with the service you will need.

If you'd like to explore this option then please provide your contact details, and a brief synopsis of the types of properties and whether you are a national or regional developer by emailing and we'll call you back.

What info do we need to get started?

To help us process your registration we need all the information for your development including its size, location and your site start and construction end dates. We’re looking for information on the whole site – so if you have several phases, let us know so that we can build the required capacity at the start, rather than deal with each phase separately. Please provide your plan of build schedule to assist us in this.

The registration form will also ask you to attach PDF copies of your site plan, a Land Registry map, and floor plans for apartments.

We’ve put together a few examples of what good documentation looks like:

•    site plan
•    site plan with plot numbers
•    flat floor plan with numbers
•    site plan for a business unit
•    site plan for business unit plots. 

It’s a good idea to make sure these are available before you start the form as you will be unable to save it and reopen later.


Customer service for registration

If you’ve registered your site and want to talk to someone about your new development, call our team on 0800 783 2023.

For Northern Ireland please call 0800 085 7546 or email

Already have an Openreach network?

If you would like to apply for service to your new development or have any questions relating to an order, please contact your chosen service provider.

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