Benefits of ultrafast fibre

 Ultrafast fibre

Benefits of Ultrafast fibre

Why Fibre to the Premises for new residential developments?

We recommend Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) infrastructure for all new residential developments, unless there are big technical or commercial barriers.

We offer FTTP, free of charge, into all new housing developments of 30 or more homes. Where you have fewer than 30 homes on a development we’ll install FTTP, either funded entirely by Openreach or with the help of developer co-funding where that’s needed.

Most homeowners want to know that the infrastructure on a development will support the highest speeds now and in the future. Currently our FTTP infrastructure gives service providers the freedom to offer speeds of around 300Mbps and, in some cases, up to 1Gbps.

Add fibre to existing developments to increase speeds

We are installing FTTP infrastructure in existing Multi Dwelling Units (apartment buildings) where we have fibre available and other fibre solutions are not available in the area. This is free of charge, including the internal fibre cable and equipment in each apartment.

Home owner guides

Help people understand the different services and how to order phone and broadband. Plus tips for resolving simple problems.

For homes built with
Fibre to the Premises infrastructure, with a fibre connection running all the way to the home.
For homes built with
Fibre to the Cabinet infrastructure, where a copper network is used to connect homes on your development.
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