Using Openreach infrastructure on your site to carry other providers network

You may have recently been approached by other communications providers (CPs), asking to share the duct and boxes that you have installed on site on behalf of Openreach.

We wanted to clarify our position on this and provide some details if you would choose to take this option.


Currently we offer a duct and pole sharing product to CPs for our existing network, this product is known as Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA). 

This is only available to those CPs who have applied for, and been accepted, as an ‘established user’ of PIA by Openreach and this is subject to agreement of specific terms and prices. Being established means that they can install in our existing duct and boxes, or on our poles, their own apparatus and cables. Details of this can be found on our website. 

New Sites

Openreach is keen to support CPs in gaining access to Openreach ducts and boxes on new developments, and to make this process as clear and understandable as possible we would like to clarify what this actually means and how this would affect your sites. 

Once you have installed the Openreach infrastructure to the correct standards and the network is ready to receive service i.e. the fibre cable can be installed within the duct, then the CPs can apply to use that duct to provide their services. 

For the CP to qualify to use that network they must first: 

Have already applied to Openreach and been accepted as an established user of PIA.

Have an agreement with you to install their infrastructure and have access to your site. Note: you are not obliged to provide this, it’s entirely your decision.

Gain their own wayleave permission from either you or the landowner (as appropriate) to install their infrastructure (Note: the wayleave that has been agreed between Openreach and you or the appropriate landowner does not extend to their infrastructure).

The CP would apply to Openreach on an individual site basis for agreement to install their cables (which may be either copper or fibre) and connections into the Openreach underground network. 

It must be noted that the CP would not use Openreach’s equipment inside the new property. They would need to install their own equipment within each property, alongside that of Openreach, to supply the service from their advertised CPs.

Next steps

Should you be approached by CPs and you agree that they can install their apparatus and cables within the Openreach underground network (subject to the conditions outlined above), the CP will then contact the Openreach PIA team to proceed.