Your customer connected quickly thanks to our Scan and Go app

We’re always looking for ways to speed up the commissioning of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) on new housing developments.
Now all our engineers have access to the Scan-and-Go app on their iPhone that brings the Openreach equipment into service in minutes, so people moving into their new home can order their broadband and phone service from their communication providers as soon as they move in. We’re using this app at all new housing developments taking FTTP.
When the developer’s contractor or Openreach engineer has installed and powered up the Openreach equipment, it’s time for Openreach to start the service. Our Openreach engineer simply points their iPhone at the bar code printed on the front of our equipment and less than 10 minutes later the equipment responds with a solid green light, which means that everything is set and ready to go.
Using the Scan-and-Go app there’s no room for misreading, or error in keying in the serial number that uniquely links the fibre to the customers address. And the information is uploaded to our systems that we share with communication providers, so they know within 24 hours or less, that they can take an order for their services from the homeowner.

Once our engineer has completed the set up they’ll let the site manager at the development know which homes they’ve completed and they’ll leave the homeowner a handy guide explaining what they need to do to order their ultrafast service.

We’re happy that it’s saving us time and cost so we can offer FTTP to more customers.

Maz Islam one of our Openreach Engineers said;
"Now, I leave the home knowing the Openreach service is ready to use, so we’ll get the customers up and running without any problems to sort out later… it’s much more straightforward."