New Developer Self-Install Video


Watch the new self-install video with our engineer showing you the easy installation steps.

Many developers are now opting to self-install the Openreach equipment that delivers Fibre to the Premises in their developments. That’s because it’s a quick and simple task for an electrician that can be done at a point in the build that’s convenient for the developer.

The equipment can be installed when the interior painting is complete, removing the need to protect it.

It also means that there’s one less visit needed from an Openreach engineer to arrange and coordinate with other contractors on site. And there is an additional payment the developer receives from Openreach for completing this work.

As the video shows it’s a matter of drilling four holes near to a power socket used to power the equipment, inserting four screws, mounting the Openreach Optical Network Termination point and battery back-up and plugging in a few cables. The fibre cable already has a simple plug in connector attached so connecting things up is easy.

An Openreach engineer will still come on site once the work is done, to commission the service and make sure the broadband and phone service will work when the homeowner or tenant orders it from their chosen service provider.