More new build sites to get FTTP connection for free


Openreach will deploy FTTP, free of charge, into all new housing developments of 30 or more homes, registered from November 2016. This means that at least 9 out of 10 new build homes could have access to free FTTP infrastructure if property developers register their scheme and contract with Openreach.

Since we launched our new proposition for fibre broadband at new developments back in February, we have reduced this threshold where we deploy FTTP for free. Initially it was free for developments of 250 homes or more, then in May 2016 we reduced it to 100 homes and from November it will be 30 homes. Meanwhile any developments with two or more homes will have access to our existing or planned fibre infrastructure, either funded entirely by Openreach or with the help of developer co-funding where that’s needed.

For each new development, our dedicated New Sites Reception team will work with developers using the recently launched ‘Connectivity Assessment Tool’ to check the options for a particular site, and give a clear recommendation on the infrastructure that should be built. Once contracted, a dedicated field based co-ordinator will work with the Developer to lead them through the plan and build process.

We’ve reduced the free FTTP threshold to 30 or more homes to make it even easier for developers to have access to Ultrafast broadband. We know that consumers are passionate about the speed and reliability of the broadband service that their communication provider can offer them, and for some the availability of ultrafast speeds will strongly influence their decision on which new property to buy.

Openreach’s FTTP infrastructure is open to all communication service providers and we’re working hard with industry to encourage greater adoption, so customers have much wider choice and more customers can benefit from the faster speeds of up to 330Mbps. This allows everyone in their homes to do whatever they want to do online. They can simultaneously stream 4K films and music, catch up on TV on demand, make HD video calls, play online games, upload photos and video clips to social media sites and send emails.

The lower threshold for free FTTP deployment has been warmly received by industry bodies who represent your interests.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of the Home Builders Federation said: "High speed broadband provision is a key requirement for today’s new home buyers and we welcome moves to ensure more builders and sites have access to the fastest possible fibre connections. We are committed to continuing to work with Openreach to deliver further improvements to ensure more builders and customers can benefit from 21st century connectivity.”

Nicola Barclay, Chief Executive of industry body Homes for Scotland said: "This move by Openreach to provide greater access to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is an encouraging one which offers vital support for smaller builders. The offer of free installation on developments of more than 30 units as opposed to over 100 is especially welcomed given the larger proportion of smaller sites delivered north of the border.

"We operate in a changing landscape of how people work, meaning that broadband connectivity is an important consideration for many home buyers. Given the benefits this could offer to buyers and builders alike, we look forward to engaging with Openreach on their plans to roll this out more widely across the country.”

Neil Jefferson, Business Development Director at NHBC said: "Any improvement to the process of installing high-speed broadband to new homes and improving the quality of service to home owners is to be welcomed. NHBC are committed to raising standards of new homes and protecting home owners and so will work with Openreach and house builders to promote best practice in high-speed broadband installation.