Launch of new easier site registration form

You said you wanted a simpler way to register your sites, and as of Monday 10 April we’ve launched a new easier registration formnew easier registration form. You’ll see when you use the new form we’ll only ask you for the information we need to cover the task in hand. You’ve now got six options, depending on the type of site you’re registering.
  • Land enquiry – all sites with 30 or more premises will receive Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), with smaller sites we’ll be able to let you know which technology we can deliver.
  • Site that will be built in one phase - for residential sites and mixed use residential/commercial sites, where all the property will be built at the same time, and isn’t part of a bigger development.
  • Site that will be built in more than one phase - for residential sites and mixed residential/commercial sites that will be built in separate phases (stages), with each phase having its own start date and this is the first phase that you are registering – the next phases should be registered as additional phases to an existing site.
  • Additional phases to an existing site - for a large development that is already under construction, when there is a new phase (stage) that you’ve not yet registered.
  • Infrastructure only - where you want us to provide our network from your site entrance to your main roads only. We won’t provide it to individual premises until later on. This is usually for developments with two of more phases.
  • Commercial only site - for sites that will be for commercial use only e.g. industrial units, shops, student accommodation blocks etc. that have no residential premises.
Not all fields are mandatory but please give us as much detail as possible to help us capture all we need to know about your site. As a reminder we suggest you update any bookmarks that you may have.