Locating our network

Locating our network

It's our job to keep the country connected

We take that responsibility very seriously and by avoiding unnecessary damage to our network, you can help us protect this national asset. We have a range of services available to help you find, identify and alter our network. Make sure you contact us in advance to avoid any potentially costly mistakes.

Maps by email

The quickest and easiest way of tracing where our equipment is located - make sure you register before you start digging! 

Find out moreabout maps by email
Before you start digging, find out where our equipment is using a map of our network.
Find out moreabout notifying us about streetworks
We’ve developed a useful guide to help you identify our equipment. 
Find out moreabout click before you dig

Get help with more complex projects

If you're developing a site, from a simple refurbishment to complex remodelling, we offer a range of services, including: 

  • complete project management

  • specialist skills

  • bespoke solutions

  • engineering services.

Report network damage or theft 

If we've damaged your property or our equipment is causing health and safety issues, please let us know immediately.