Getting help with your projects

Getting help with your projects

What we can do for you

You’ll know us for building the nation’s communications infrastructure, but as being on site moving and removing Openreach equipment we can offer you some services that may surprise you.

If you have a project coming up, call us on 0800 783 2023 or complete our online contact form to find out how we can help you.

Our customer service team can take your order, make an appointment for an engineer or a surveyor if it’s a complex project, and take payment, so we can get started.

The basics: moving and removing Openreach equipment

  • We’ll route overhead cable underground for safety and security

  • We’ll move and remove Openreach equipment and poles to accommodate your construction

  • And do pre-demolition, when you’re demolishing or redeveloping a property and our, or third party, equipment is in the way.

A guide to delivering your infrastructure projects with Openreach

Data cabling, wi-fi and customer equipment

  • We can install complex data cabling in commercial premises to support point of sale, retail display or industrial automation

  • We’ll provide data cabling inside large multi dwelling unit apartment buildings or within homes on a large development

  • We'll audit, install and test new communications infrastructure on your site including cabling, power and customer equipment

  • We can survey, build and test  a wi-fi infrastructure for commercial or residential premises where specialist wi-fi is required to guarantee universal coverage in a building on a campus.

Build fibre infrastructure

  • We’ll build fibre infrastructure for your campus and buildings at new build, conversion or extension phases

  • Increase the value of your site by making it "gigabit” ready

  • Have an infrastructure ready for you or an occupant to place an order with any service providers that use the Openreach network

  • We offer a full engineering solution including site audit, duct design and deployment, customer premise equipment, fibre cabling and power requirements, testing and long term maintenance.

Relocating infrastructure at risk

  • For sites at risk of ground floor flooding we can audit the network communications infrastructure and relocate to a higher level within the building

  • We’re able to work on the live Openreach network so we can do all the work and reduce down time to the absolute minimum

  • We can cover all your cabling and power requirements.

Remote location and temporary sites

  • We’ll undertake communications for major public events
  • We can connect your wind farms and other remote industrial location.

Why choose Openreach?

  • We’ve got a regionally located UK-wide team that can undertake projects with a national scope

  • We offer consultancy service available on a chargeable basis. Ideal when vital information is required to support the feasibility stage of a project

  • We can provide bespoke design and guidance from independent civil engineers

  • We’ll produce individual estimates for every project to ensure everything is clear upfront

  • We’ve got the resource to take on large projects if needed.

Placing your order

Find out how to place your order, what to expect when you contact us, what happen after you get in touch and what to do if things ever go wrong.