Benefits of ultrafast fibre

Benefits of
Ultrafast fibre


Why new properties should have FTTP

According to a study of British homebuyers, a good broadband connection now tops off street parking and access to local amenities as one of the vital deciding factors for people buying a new house. The study also finds that one in ten buyers have walked away from properties with poor internet connection and that broadband is connected even before gas. 

Home owners in London are also willing to pay up to 3% above the market price for properties in areas offering very fast internet speeds.

Therefore Openreach recommends FTTP for all new properties.

We offer FTTP, free of charge, to all new housing developments with 30 or more residential or mixed residential/commercial premises.

For sites with 2 – 29 premises then we’ll offer FTTP if you are willing to pay a small contribution to the cost.

Download and read our developers guide to ultrafast

Find out why we recommend Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) infrastructure for all new residential developments, unless there are big technical or commercial barriers.


Most homeowners want to know that the infrastructure on your development will support the highest speeds now and in the future.

Home owner guides

Help people understand the different services and how to order phone and broadband. Plus tips for resolving simple problems.

For homes built with
Fibre to the Premises infrastructure, with a fibre connection running all the way to the home.
For homes built with
Fibre to the Cabinet infrastructure, where a copper network is used to connect homes on your development.
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