Property development

Building the future

We are here to help developers, house-builders and architects build an Openreach network on your residential or commercial development.

Early registration of your sites is the key to making sure the people moving into your development get the services they deserve when they move in.

The registration process 

Check out our registration process and make sure you have enough time to build and connect your communications infrastructure.

Find out what information we need and see good examples of the documents required.
If you've already registered and need to talk to someone, call 0800 783 2023. 

Developer handbooks

All you need to know about getting your site ready for copper or fibre connections, including step-by-step build instructions and diagrams.

Download your copy for fibre (version 8, September 2018) or copper (version 2, November 2016). There are also quick guides for your people on site to use.

The journey

After you register, we'll be on hand to guide you through the whole journey to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. See what you need to do and download the documents you need.

The documents you need
Here you can downloand the New Sites contract, On-site worker policy and rebate payments policy.
Find out moreand download the New Sites contract, on-site worker policy and rebate payment policy
Site and lift lines
Find out how to order temporary lines for your site offices, canteens and marketing suites or a permanent lift line within your building.
Find out moreabout how to order temporary site and lift lines
When plans change
Find out what you need to do if anything changes during the build process.
Find out moreabout what to do when plans change

Building the site 

We'll supply all the materials you need, free of charge.
If you need to move our network, remove old equipment or help with your project, we can help.

The benefits of ultrafast fibre

Ultrafast is the collective name for exciting new fibre technologies that enable connection speeds of around 300Mbps and, in some cases, up to 1Gbps.

FTTP is a pure fibre connection all the way from the telephone exchange right into your home or business.

We recommend FTTP infrastructure for all new residential developments and it's the infrastructure we'll provide free for sites with 30+ properties.
Help people understand the type of broadband they have in their new homes and how to get their service up and running.

Community fibre partnerships

When developments or communities aren’t currently covered by our BDUK or commercial fibre plans, we will work with you to deliver fibre solutions.

Find out moreabout community fibre partnerships

If things go wrong

Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but if they do, your field-based coordinator will be on hand to help resolve your problem.

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