Our network

You’ll have noticed that we’ve made some big changes to make it easier to work with us when you want us to build, move or repair a damaged network. We're here to help, whether it’s simply to move an overhead cable or to provide project services to support large commercial developments. We'll deliver an agreed network solution when and where you need it.

Altering our network

There are lots of reasons you might need Openreach to work with you to relocate or simply remove our network. Our team is on hand to discuss all options and agree the best solution for both of us.

Need specialist skills, dedicated project management or bespoke solutions for your project? We're on hand to help.
We can help with everything from moving manholes and overhead cables to town centre regeneration and transport infrastructure.
We can remove Openreach network situated in public or private land and reinstall it on completion if required.
Find out how to place an order, what to expect when you contact us and what happens next.

Get help with more complex projects

We don’t just build fibre network. There are other things we can do that might surprise you like install data cabling or Wi-Fi in commercial premises to support point of sale, retail display or industrial automation. We can do this while: 

  • We’re on site moving or removing our Openreach network

  • We’re already building a new fibre network on your site

  • Where we’ve got Openreach equipment on your site we can extend the network

Property developments

We're here to help developers, house-builders and architects build an Openreach network on their new developments.

Find out what you need to do and who to contact to register your new development.
All you need to know about getting your site ready for copper or fibre connections.

Locating our network

We have a range of services available to help you find, identify and alter our network.


Make sure you contact us in advance to avoid any potentially costly mistakes.

The quickest and easiest way of tracing where our equipment is located.
Before you start digging, find out where our equipment is using a map of our network.
We’ve developed a useful guide to help you identify our equipment. This covers equipment you’ll find in the footway, carriageway, above ground, as well as non-standard equipment.

Report network damage or theft

If we've damaged your property or our equipment is causing health and safety issues, please let us know immediately.